Thursday, July 24, 2014

Far Hill Campers Tell Us What's Up

A few campers wanted to let the rest of the world what's going on in their classes. From what it looks like, Animation Movie Making is the coolest class ever. Look out, Pixar! 

Siya says, "This week I am doing animation movie making. In this activity you get to do stop motion and make short movies. On Monday I used glass pebbles to make a penguin video. It was so funny! Then on Tuesday I drew pictures to make another stop motion video. It was called the random movie, so you can guess it was random. Then yesterday I used play to make a movie called All because of lightning. That one was way better than the Random movie.
And today (and tomorrow) we are making a lego movie, well not exactly. Our movie is called Attic of the Tacos. It is going to be super duper funny."

Gabe says, "I love my classes that I have. I do so much and have so much fun. Each day you do something different like build with legos and clay and make awesome movies. I think this camp did a very good job with keeping all the campers laughing and that is important. I that this camp is the best and always will."

Riya (not to be confused this Siya) says, "This week my classes are animation movie making and Shark Tank Jr. In animation movie making we are doing stop motion animation films. In Shark Tank Jr. I am making a business and a product to sell. I am also advertising. To close, the 2 classes I am taking are AWESOME."  

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