Wednesday, July 18, 2012

By: R.G.

Here is an essay from one of our Writing Class students.  They were enthusiastic to share as many pieces of writing as they wanted for our blog.  

Jimmy and Amanda’s brother, David, had the biggest science experiment due on Friday at Legreen High School, NJ. David had to store and observe a raspberry-colored poison. It had to stay cool in the refridgerator and not be taken out of the beaker it was given in. David thought that this science experiment would lead to his first A+.

In the middle of winter …

        “It is SO dry!” screamed Jimmy.  “Does anyone have water? I am so thirsty!!” he exclaimed. Everyone could hear him throughout the bus.

        “No, none of us have any water!” exclaimed David, Jimmy’s older brother.  It was Jimmy’s bus stop.  David reminded Jimmy not to touch his big poison project at home.  David really wanted to get an A+ on this project. He was going to have a sleep over at a friend’s house. Amanda, Jimmy’s older sister was also having a sleepover but at Jake’s house. Jimmy’s parents were at work, so Jimmy was now home alone. 

        After getting off the bus, Jimmy walked inside the house dying of thirst. He quickly opened the fridge and pulled the first drink he saw.  He thought it was raspberry lemonade, but he had accidentally grabbed David’s poison. He drank half the glass and put it aside for later.

        He sat down to watch TV after he quenched his thirst with ‘raspberry lemonade’.  He changed the channel to Teen Nick and there was a show on that he didn’t like. sees a show he doesn’t like.  His stomach growled madly. At first, he didn’t think anything of it.  He just thought that it was due to skipping lunch that day.  As he changed the channel, he felt sicker and sicker.   Eventually he was throwing up in the bathroom and doing other things every three seconds. He had to get to the phone to call a friend.

Soon, he found a bowl to throw up in. He carried the bowl to the phone so he could call his friend, Jake, to come help him. Jimmy called Jake and asked Jake, Jake’s five siblings, and Amanda come to his house and help him. Hester, Lester, Peter, Amanda, Walter, Jake, and Nicole went straight to Jimmy’s house. They were very smart so they thought they knew what to do.  Once they got there, they went straight to work.

        First, they asked Jimmy what he did since they last saw him, which was on the bus.  He explained how he walked in and drank the ‘raspberry lemonade’ from the fridge.   Then he told them that he went downstairs to the TV room and watched the Teen Nick channel. He explained that his stomach growled but he thought it was just because of skipping lunch. In reality, it wasn’t about the missed lunch, it was about the poison.

Next, they asked Jimmy where the drink that he drank was. Instead of the poison, he pulled out a glass of the real raspberry lemonade from the refrigerator.  They inspected it, and checked the carton it came in. Everything was fine. They even tried it just to make sure there was nothing wrong. They were all fine. Jimmy was perplexed because he didn’t know why they weren’t feeling sick. He didn’t know what was happening so he still assumed it was because of the missed lunch.

        Jake and Jimmy were looking around the chair in front of the TV for anything peculiar. The other six were looking upstairs for anything different too. They decided to go watch TV shows they all hate like Jimmy was doing when he first felt sick. They watched one show on TV they all hated and it was called Dora. They watched three episodes and besides their boredom they felt as fine as fresh soap.

Suddenly, Jimmy had started to feel different like he was turning into an ugly creature. He knew he had to speak up fast and he knew that the creature he was turning into was not humanoid. The creature he was turning into was raspberry colored and was very hairy. He was like a feverous gorilla with a lot of hair everywhere. He felt really weird like he was almost turning into the mane of a horse. He couldn’t believe it. For once in his life, he was scared and didn’t know what to do.

        Jake called Jimmy’s parents and told them about Jimmy’s transformation. As Jake was talking to Jimmy’s parents, Peter, Walter, Nicole, and Amanda found the glass that was half filled with poison. Amanda tried the poison to make sure it was bad and she started to turn into a different creature just like Jimmy. Jake quickly learned of what had happened and told Jimmy’s parents as they were still on the phone. Hester dialed 911 immediately and the ambulance took forever because it was too slow. These people lived in a very small town with a hospital so small it only had one old and slow ambulance.

        Jimmy’s parents were rushing to the hospital just to see their son and daughter. Jimmy wasn’t there by the time his parent’s got there. Jimmy’s parents were perplexed that Jimmy wasn’t there yet. When Jimmy and Amanda finally got to the hospital, the hospital got permission from the parents to start the procedure.

First, Jimmy and Amanda took anesthesia to knock them out. Then, with Jimmy and Amanda they squeezed all the creature’s blood out and inserted new blood to cure them. They threw out the blood in a special place leaving some in a container so they could investigate later. Amanda and Jimmy got their own rooms so that they could adjust to the new blood and rest.

        During that time, family came and friends visited. David came to the hospital at night with his parents to see his brother and sister hurt. He was sad to hear of what had happened. He also got mad as he remembered that he told Jimmy not to touch the poison. David got told the story beginning to end and then understood why Jimmy and Amanda drank the poison. Eventually Jimmy and Amanda recovered. Life was normal again and Jimmy and Amanda became healthy with they’re new blood. Even though David got an F- for his experiment, he was glad to have his brother and sister alive!!!!!

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