Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lost Island

Today in Writing Class, the students were asked to practice writing dialogues.  Here is something that one of our students actually wrote during the exercise in class.

(A young boy, Tommy Smith, is going to visit his aunt and uncle.  He is going alone and on his private jet, only with a pilot)

Tommy: Bye, Mom!  Bye, Dad!
Parents: Bye, Tommy!

(Plane takes off.  20 min. into flight sudden beeping noise comes on.  Tommy goes to pilot to see what it is.)

Tommy: What's that noise?
Tommy: WHAT?
Pilot: We're going DOWN!  WE NEED TO JUMP!

(Pilot tosses parachute to Tommy and pits his own parachute on and jumps)

Tommy: What just happened?!!  O don't even know how to skydive!

(Plane goes down and Tommy blacks out)

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